Are Your Friends Ahead Of You Or ?

written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
Are Your Friends Ahead Of You Or ? : Your mind will keep telling you that you’re far behind and everyone  have gone ahead.⁣ Social media will help make you truly believe this. It’ll amplify it more.
⁣Their Social Media Plarforms, their careers, their marriages etc will all set in and expand your imaginations. I mean, you’ll wake up to posts of friends and colleagues smashing it here and there. I know that feeling and i have been there too
Are your friends
Are your friends ahead of you
⁣You’ll then start feeling inferior, guilty with thoughts that, time is going and that you’re not doing anything. This will trigger you to start longing for “quick” results. ⁣
⁣Let me tell you the sad truth here, the process doesn’t favour quick results. Maybe for some years but trust me, it won’t last !
⁣You’ll end up doing all what you see them do, trying the same business you don’t understand, going for short courses you don’t really love but still, the results doesn’t match up to what you see.⁣
⁣Your mind will come back again and tell you that you’re not good enough. You’re not cut for it, a lot will start running through your mind, you start loosing focus. Then you begin to accept failure, you begin to give up on those dreams you had and you resort to all kind of bad lifestyle, blaming God and family etc.
⁣Now listen to me, the sooner you start realizing that life is a marathon and not a sprint, the better for you. You read it well, a marathon not a sprint !⁣
⁣The sooner you start realizing that this marathon of life is not one where other runners’ results has an effect over yours, the best you’ll become what you have always dreamt of.
⁣Life is truly short, but not too short for you to stay focused and follow the process.⁣
⁣A little exercise that can help:⁣
Give your mind a name. An example, let’s say “Kwame / Akosua”.⁣
⁣Whenever your mind comes to make you see things that’ll put you in that state of guilt over your progress, tell him or her, ⁣”Kwame/Akosua, (Name you chose), life is a marathon where the results of other runners have no effect over my position. I’ll stay true to the process and keep growing one day after another.”⁣
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⁣We’re all still figuring this thing called LIFE; me included and that of my SamBoad Team(Best Service Providing Firm)
You’ve got this and i know one thing for sure, your consistency and believe will make you see your dream come alive.
⁣Disclaimer : I own know right to the image used.