I am reading a book titled “TAKE THE RISK” by Ben Carson and he had this to say: “Creativity requires risk. So do exploration and innovation. Anyone who thinks outside the box is taking a risk. Leadership brings many risks. Courage is exercised in the face of risk. Investments involve risks. Heroism is earned in the face of risk. Success is defined by risks taken and overcome. Decision-making always means a certain degree of risk.”
Personally, one of the greatest lessons I have learned this year is risk-taking is inevitable for maximal living. It’s a concept we all try to shy away from at some points in our lives when we have to make certain “big decisions”, but the truth is we have been facing it and engaging in it all the while in our seemingly “little decisions” or ordinary day to day routines. Yes, you have been taking risks all your life, whether you were conscious of it or not. I will love those who took risk in investment especially with Menzgold Ghana Limited: Gold Dealership
You take a risk when you rise up from the bed in the morning (some wish they never did because of the events that follow). It is a risk you take when you step out of the house and head to your workplace (some also attempt to but end up in the hospital or the other side of life). You eat every day (at least once), and that also is a risk because others try the same and pass-out as a result of digestive disorder or food poisoning. So, daily you are taking a risk in one form or the other. Stay with me on this ..
Let’s face it friends, our lives are in a continuous state of risk-taking. In fact, do you realize that your creation was a risk? God took a risk by forming you and handing you a purpose to fulfill here on earth in order to accomplish His universal plan for mankind. He understood that you could blow it like Adam did, yet He felt you were worth the risk by giving you a will of your own. That my friend is the Creator’s invitation to a life of risks. For as long as there is a decision to make, there is a risk to take.
Hold on ,please stay with me ..
Really, you can’t always play safe. To be all that you were designed to be, you’ve got to be willing to take the risk, not once or twice or thrice, but for as long as it takes to achieve your life’s mandate. You must be willing to risk failing and been maligned for it. Success/fulfillment is not for the faint-hearted or “care-takers”. It is the exclusive reserve of the dogged risk-takers who though may fall or fail 1000 times, will yet rise again.
Stop waiting for the perfect time or circumstance, it never really comes. You’ve got to make the time right and ripe by informed decisions. Don’t sit around waiting for success to come to you, you may wait for eternity. Rather, rise up and go and succeed!
Go take the land that is yours to possess. That God has promised it is yours doesn’t mean you won’t still fight for it, it only means you are assured of victory because of His backing. Therefore, go all out and take the leap.
Let nothing hinder you! Send the proposals. Make the bid. Start the business. Make the call. Write the book. Invest more even if you failed or lost some .Miracles happen when you move. Don’t be discouraged when you loose because then you are far ahead of those who never take steps, you have learnt something those who never take risk can’t learn.
Take the risk and again I say, choose jail in risk taking!
It is worth it….