How To Start A Blog in Ghana

How To Start A Blog in Ghana- A Guide for Beginners

So you want to learn how to start a blog in Ghana? Even without any technical knowledge or experience, this article will teach you everything you need to know on how to start a blog in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda or anywhere else in the world 2022. Over

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How to Start an Online Store in Ghana [A Comprehensive Guide]

Maybe you have been thinking of how to start an online store in Ghana, we sure have got you covered. Looking at the top-ranking websites in Ghana in terms of traffic, you’ll find sites like SamBoad, Jumia Ghana, SKB News Magazine, Blvck Tick etc. This is an indication that Ghanaians are

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virtual team

Tips and Strategies for Managing a Large Virtual Team

Remote work is here to stay. Here’s some guidance for keeping your team productive and organized. For many entrepreneurs, people management can be our Achilles heel. Having built my own company, SamBoad Business Group Limited with 150 team members nationwide who work 100% remote, I’ve learned a few things about building a

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How to Manage Your Funds If You Move Abroad

How to Manage Your Funds: People move overseas for various reasons. Maybe you landed a dream job with an international corporation or want to study for your doctorate without drowning in student loan debt for… People move overseas for various reasons. Maybe you landed a dream job with an international corporation

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How to Tell If Franchising Is Right for You

Examining five personality traits that all good franchisees possess (Franchising). Even when people have decided to go the entrepreneurial route, there are different paths to becoming your own boss. You could start a business completely from scratch, sketching out all of the operational details required to get your company off

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Negative Customer - skb news magazine

4 Easy Ways to Turn Negative Customer Interactions into Positive Experiences

Every person in a customer-facing role understands that there are some customers who are more difficult than others. Here are some ways to turn these customer interactions into more positive experiences. Today, more than ever before, customer experience is paramount for any organization. When you have positive customer interactions, these people become

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Invest In Ghana

How to Invest In Ghana and Multiply Your Earnings

Invest In Ghana : There is nothing hard as far as investment is concerned. Many people get confused once they get surplus money which needs to be invested, I was there too. Personal finance is a topic which needs to be discussed in length, not just in towns but also

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Start-a Company with no money

How To Start a Company With No Money

How To Start a Company With No Money : The first thing you’ll need to do is change your mindset. Let me clarify something right out of the gate. You can’t actually start a company with zero money. I just need to reach the people for whom it seems like

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