Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills – What Does it Mean?

‘Must have good interpersonal skills’ is a requirement you’ll commonly see on job descriptions, but what exactly does it mean? As a candidate, you might assume that if you don’t communicate in inaudible grunts or bellow at people across the office, you’ll pass the interpersonal skills test, but is there

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Should you pay someone to write your CV?

Should you pay someone to write your CV? : In a recent live Q&A, on switching between the public and private sectors, one of the panellists said: “Getting someone else to write your CV for you, especially a CV writing business, is a mistake. I would always want to see

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How to spice up the ‘Interests’ section in your CV

How to spice up the ‘Interests’ section in your CV Of all the CV sections in a CV, the ‘interests’ section is the one that allows you to really let your hair down – giving the reader a glimpse into the real personality behind the CV. Why then does this

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Writing a CV for Transport and Logistics

Writing a transport and logistics CV Focus your professional profile When writing your transport and logistics CV it is important to focus the CV towards the particular roles you are targeting. In the first line of your professional profile you should position yourself as [transport manager], [logistics analyst], [HGV driver]

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Job with

How to Get a Job With Little or no Experience

At the start of your career or following a career change, it can feel like a Catch-22 situation: You can’t get hired without experience, but you can’t get experience without being hired. Perseverance at this stage of your career is crucial. Very few people are in the position to do

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Competency-Based Interview

How to Excel in a Competency-Based Interview

Competency-Based Interview : The joy of being invited to an interview for your dream job can quickly be tempered by the knowledge of what lies in wait – the dreaded competency-based interview. However, while this type of interview can be challenging, it allows you to show just how well suited

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How to self-assess your skills

When you look for a new role, don’t start by updating your CV. Instead, do a self-assessment to help you identify all the key information about yourself. Doing this will help you provide valuable content for your CV and interviews, as you will uncover examples that illustrate your capabilities. It

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Where to start when researching for an interview?

Getting an interview is tough in today’s competitive job market. With more people applying for each job than ever before, it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd. Doing extensive research on the company you have been offered an interview for is essential to help make you the top

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Get your personality to shine in your CV

Get your personality to shine in your CV Your personality is unique. No-one has the same behavioural make-up and personal attributes that you have. Likewise, everyone’s career history is also unique. Why is it then that a great many CVs read like job descriptions or CV templates and give away very little

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Writing a great teacher CV

How to write a great teacher CV A CV may be the first communication between you and a new employer. First impressions count. The experience in reading your CV is a vitally important one, setting the way that will hopefully progress through interview and employment. It is vital your teacher

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