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How to write an office manager CV

How to write an office manager CV The life of an office manager can often be a busy one. The smooth running of an office can involve many facets – from managing databases, meeting rooms and reception areas to HR, health and safety, and facilities. You may also manage a

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Why you should never lie in your CV

Lie in your CV,  Hmm, tempting. Fudging the start date of an employment to conceal a gap. Why not…it was a long time ago now. These are just two of many typical lies that people tell in their CV. In a survey by Reed Screening, they found that dates of

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Does your CV pass the 30 second speed test?

CV: There are very many things that can be completed within 30 seconds. You could butter a slice of toast and eat it. You could read an email and reply. You could even run up and down a flight of stairs twice. However, it is a safe bet that most

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social media

Using social media in your job search

How to use social media in your job search Most employers and recruitment agencies today are using social media to source the right candidates, which means it should be a big part of your job search strategy. On-line social network sites have become an essential forum to advertise your skills and

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Job application

Job application Strategy – Spend more Time on fewer Applications

The successful job application strategy: Spend more time on fewer applications The online automation of job applications has made applying for jobs easier then ever before. You can apply for multiple jobs literally at the click of a button. However, I believe this gives job seekers a false impression. Whilst

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star interview

The Star Interview Technique – How to Use it

For most of us, job interviews are pretty stressful. Even if you’re well prepared, your mind can go blank at the worst possible moment, leaving you staring mindlessly at the interviewer’s tie. If only there was a simple way to structure your answers to help you deliver a full and

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Women Style : 10 Awesome Tips To Look Good At Work

Women : In today’s article, I will love to answer a question of a reader.  “how do I dress up well for work, making sure I look simple yet elegant ”  Also, one important thing about looking professional good is, appearance is a key and it represents or addresses who

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Why achievements are so important in your CV

Achievements : You should view your CV as a piece of marketing literature. In fact, a very important piece of marketing literature. Your CV is very likely your one and only chance to secure an interview. That should focus the mind a little. It could be worth potentially thousands of

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