Let me Tell You The Secret I Found – Samuel Kwame Boadu

written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
I am very excited today because I am about to share the ultimate secret to success. What I am about to share is a well kept secret. So many people don’t know this. It’s based on years of research, we studied many millionaires all over the world to find what they did to get to where they are. And by the end of this post I promise you that you will walk away a very successful person.
Does that introduction sound familiar ?
It should ! Almost every self-help book in the success category starts with that introduction. The amazing thing is that it works every time. And why does it work? Because it contains the word: “Secret”.
90% of people in the civilised world believe that there is a “secret” to success. That somehow success is a mystery. And why do they believe this? Because a lot of people have not become successful. And “successful” in modern day terms simply translates to being rich and popular on social media. 😏
That is a stup!d(forgive my language) definition of success.
But let’s leave that talk for another day. Back to what we have at hand. Because people think that being successful has some secret code. They go out and read a whole lot of books on success and how to be financially secure. They move from one get-rich-quick seminar to another.
What are they looking for? They are looking for the one secret that will give them the big break. Oh and some of you are reading this particular post now because I promised i know the secret to success. Yea, I know. 😂. But is there really a “secret” to success ? Well there is. And guess what? It’s no longer a secret anymore. It’s been written over and over again by thousands of authors throughout history.
There are basically thousands of book that has correctly itemized the secrets or principles of being successful. However even while all those materials are available.
People are still running around looking for more information. More knowledge, the next secret. The next “millionaire fastlane” book. And we have so many unsuccessful people walking around. So what’s really the problem?
It’s quiet straightforward. A lot of people are stuck looking for the next big secret that can create millions of dollars for them. When they have blatantly refused to apply the principles already available.
And why have they refused to apply the principles available? Because somewhere at the back of their minds, they believe there must be an easier way to success. So when they go for seminars and read books. They aren’t really looking for secrets to success and wealth.
What they are really looking for is easy ways to make money without putting in the work required. Now let me burst your bubble, it does not exist. Let’s be realistic, nobody is handing out money or success to people for free. You have to work for what you got. When I realized that I come from a third world nation like Ghana, and I wasn’t particularly born into wealth and affluence, it became obvious that I had to put in the work to create the kind of life I wanted for myself hence commenced SamBoad Business Group LLC in 2014( Best Service Providing in Ghana👌🏿)
So what’s the secret to success? Find out what success means for you. Set goals towards it and pursue it shamelessly. Go to those ahead of you for advice, those who have achieved what you want to acheive. Do everything legally within your power and trust God completely.
The secret is already out there.
What you are looking for is an easy way out. And friend, there is no easy way out! You got to put in the work!
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