TIME CHANGES: When you are in your 20s or 30’s, you have time in abundance. It’s the same twenty four hours for everyone, but you have more energy to stay awake. And there are so many interests, passions and causes that compete for your ‘seemingly infinite’ time.
Whether it’s launching a business, or growing your business. Whether it’s finding a job, or maintaining your current job. Starting an NGO Or being part of an NGO. Watching a personal development video Or re-watching Game of Thrones #gameofthrones 😂. The options are limitless. Then all of a sudden, your time now looks short.
There are some days I wake up by 5am, go to work, read voraciously, write over a thousand words, do an online course, sleep by 1am and still feel energetic the next day. Yet on other days, I go out, gist with friends, and binge-watch an entire season on my laptop.  Does this mean I’m wasting my time?
Well, I don’t know yet. I’m still in my 30s after all. The Universe always have funny ways of connecting these dots and making them work for our good. However, nobody had said on his death bed, “I wish I had one more day to make more money.” Neither has anybody said, “Damn. I wish I knew if Arya Stark really dies in the second episode of the final season.”
Let me drop a quick advice on what my 30s has taught me so far about time. In your 20s, when making a decision about using time, remember this adage: “Remember to serve the Creator in the days of your youth.” When you remember, your priorities become aligned once more. Clarity, Certainty and Confidence will reflect with your purpose. And the daily tasks continue to flow with your goals and projects.   So that’s it.
My 20s to 30’s are part of my youth and it’s teaching me how to manage time wisely. To use it for the right values and causes.
It always pays to make choices that will serve you well. Both now and in the future. Both in the present and later.
USE your TIME WISELY Or at least most of it.