When we started out  SamBoad Business Group limited , in 2014 it was simply because we had found a problem that needed solving. We were passionate and skilful but there were other things we didn’t know to consider. I have read content on how to create a business system in Ghana that allows you to do other things that matter to you. You have probably read or taken courses too, but these things don’t get done without you working your arse.
The past 5 years have been about stretching. There are some truths that I keep for a later date. I hope that’s fine? They say to do a child good, you should know what meal to serve first – who made up this proverb?😊
This post is for anyone that will ever start something worth his life – something MORE than a business that culls in profits – something that changes the lives of those concerned.
Sometimes a pastor leaves his family and swims in an isolated water, just to intermeddle with the greater force that builds in him the sense of direction that is second to none. You don’t want to create a solution that helps people lead better lives, only for you to pass on and these people return back to the problems you were solving. What’s the point of creating a solution that isn’t sustainable? And who says you need to have it all figured out from the start? Just ensure that you evolve and become sustainable.
I started out with passion. I have always been one keen on pursuing whatever gives me a sense of purpose – whatever I seek to do must be something that gives me that feeling that I am contributing to a greater good. It doesn’t matter what it is, it must contribute to something MORE. I remember running a page for over three years just to help young talents to put out their craft for free. I have always had the passion to see young people do more. It has always been something I do without conscious thought. I came to realize that it was a pointer to my eternal purpose.For those passionate about solving a problem in the society, start with THE SOLUTION THAT YOU WANT TO CREATE AND THE GOOD THAT IT WILL CAUSE IN SOCIETY.
Now, here is what you should know as a young change maker:
1). There are a lot of problems in the world that need solutions – sustainable solutions. Don’t overwork yourself trying to solve them all. Pick one that resonates well with your passion and skills and you would have contributed your quota. Remember, you are not called to the universe. You are called to a PEOPLE.
2). Your passion is not enough. You will have to learn how to build a business system around your passion and the problem you are solving in making the world a better place to live in. You will have to learn and learn fastly, the skills necessary to thrive and create sustainable solutions. You will need to learn empathy, communication skills, networking and design thinking. I am learn these everyday from interacting with my team members and the PEOPLE I am called to serve.
3). You will soon learn that people will always be needing your help and would want to take advantage of your passion to drink from you without cost. When you charge a fee for your value, they will want to make you feel like your motivation is the money. Remember, there are several ways to look at this.
4). Continue to serve your value – doing so, will help you refine your value to a certain valuable standard worth charging a fee for.
5) Your skills may be one that has already been refined, go ahead and take their money for the problems you are solving. Anyone that cannot pay what you charge, is likely not your audience. Don’t allow people play the guilt game on you. If you can, use your gift as a seed to sow in other people’s venture. It always comes back multiplied.
6). You will make some unlikely sacrifices along the way, to prove the sincerity of your passion. You will stay back in school or see yourself through extra hours at the office, working on that idea. You will even deprive yourself of food and the things that people your age find appealing.
7). People will question your sincerity, not because they care for you or the people that you serve, but because they don’t think anything good can come out of Nazareth. They don’t think they are capable of anything good, so they view people and the world the same way.
8)Always remember why you started. Write the vision and put it up on a wall that your eyes can easily find upon getting out of bed. Remember the greater good that your contribution is making. Since we started

SamBoad Media Consult, I have seen young people take on the mantle of leadership and the zest to birth their dreams and commit to making it work. If this is all I do in my lifetime, then I have served well.
9). You will get called to speak at an event for the first time, and your heart will race faster than it beats, but you will be fine if you are in touch with your WHY and the contribution that you are bringing to the TABLE.
10). Your circle of friends will change. Don’t fret it. You will find that certain kinds of people would begin to gravitate towards you.
11). You will have to work on your people skills. There is nothing like this is how I am. You will learn how to speak and inspire and teach people because your vision hangs on that singular ability. You will soon realize that we aren’t created in a certain way. We are humans and we can evolve. The question is: “Are you willing to evolve into someone phenomenal?
12). When you say you are passionate about something, what do you mean? Can you sacrifice your humanity for what’s greater than you? Like not eat because you need to wait on God to hear Him give you specifics?
13). And finally brethren, people will call on you and send you gifts because you are doing some good in the society, but don’t lose focus on what’s important. Don’t let pride set in. There is nothing a man has that he hasn’t been given. You are not here for a while. You are here for a WHIRL. What lessons have you learned in the last decade or year when you started that business?