Invest In Ghana

How to Invest In Ghana and Multiply Your Earnings

Invest In Ghana : There is nothing hard as far as investment is concerned. Many people get confused once they get surplus money which needs to be invested, I was there too. Personal finance is a topic which needs to be discussed in length, not just in towns but also

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s Hart House Is a New Plant-Based Fast Food Alternative

The stand-up comedian, actor and entrepreneur’s latest venture, which he hopes will become a national chain, officially opens in Los Angeles on Aug. 25. As established quick-service eateries like McDonald’s and KFC scrambled to provide healthier non-meat food options, Hart House — Kevin Hart’s new fast food, plant-based restaurant chain officially opening in Los Angeles on Aug.

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Start-a Company with no money

How To Start a Company With No Money

How To Start a Company With No Money : The first thing you’ll need to do is change your mindset. Let me clarify something right out of the gate. You can’t actually start a company with zero money. I just need to reach the people for whom it seems like

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Lasting Business

The Secret To Building a Successful and Lasting Business

Building a Successful and Lasting Business, This might be the most useful post you read all year. “How useful is what I do?” It’s a question that is so simple on paper, yet so freaking difficult to answer in real life. The usefulness of your product or service is a

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Leadership Debt

The Number 1 Growth Killer is Leadership Debt

The Number 1 Growth Killer is Leadership Debt ; Startups do not fail because they run out of cash. They run out of cash because of the leadership debt incurred. It is tough to build a startup, but it is even tougher to scale a startup. 90% of all startups fail,

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Myth of Startup

The Myth of Startup Failure

The Myth of Startup Failure and Why experienced entrepreneurs are prepared to fail. Most startups don’t fail with a bang, they fail with the quiet optimism of a single desperate decision. In hindsight, you can always walk your way back to the moment when everything started to go wrong. But

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Pitch a Billionaire

How to Pitch a Billionaire

To Pitch a Billionaire, resist the temptation to share everything you know. I have been going round teaching public speaking and communication skills to global leaders and students. For their final exam in my course, they had to condense months of research into a 7-minute presentation to the class. The

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Startup Success

A Little Startup Success Can Be a Big Problem

How to avoid falling for mirages and head fakes. There’s nothing worse than a little bit of success. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the email from a founder that boils down to “Everyone loves us, but we’re about to close the doors”. Growth head fakes can take a

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Samuel Kwame Boadu

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