From Growing His Startup to 10 Million Users with $0 in Funding

Fifteen years of business. Ten million users, $0 in funding — a founder shares his biggest lessons. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Rarely do I come across inspiring quotes from mathematicians, but this one, from the late Morris Kline, has been echoing in my brain for weeks: “The most

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Black Young Entrepreneurs in Ghana to watch out for in 2022

Black Young Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship involves developing a business idea and taking it up. It also involves finding ways of growing the business and also coming up with innovative ways to keep the business running in the competitive entrepreneurial world. Kevin Okyere The influence and impact of these entrepreneurs in the

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female tech-startup

Meet the 25 African female tech-startup founders selected for the second edition of “The Future is Female Mentorship Program”

Twenty-five African female tech-startup have been selected for the second edition of The Future is Female Mentorship Program, a PR and communications mentorship program dedicated exclusively to African female tech founders. The program gained the attention of international business magazine Forbes who exclusively announced the 25 finalists for the 2021

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6 African business leaders to follow on Instagram

It’s Q3 2021, and we’re back with our exclusive quarterly feature of “Top African Business Leaders to follow on social media.” For this edition, we have put together a list of five successful African business leaders to follow on Instagram – that’s right, Instagram! These people frequently use their platform

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25 Black Entrepreneurs Making Waves

Throughout history, Black entrepreneurs have faced unique challenges in America, one of which is the lack of access to capital. Business funding gives life to new ideas, which might otherwise be lost, appropriated, or manipulated. The problem still remains, as Black entrepreneurs are less likely to receive venture capital funding. Yet,

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One thing Entrepreneurship taught me as i was building SamBoad Business Group Limited is that the first level of leadership isn’t ‘Personal Leadership’ but ‘ Mind Leadership ‘. Your ability to control your thoughts and how you react to them as a leader. Your ability to stay calm amidst chaos

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Samuel Kwame Boadu Speaks at HoeHoe E.P Senior High School

Garnering more than 700 students, Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited didn’t disappoint. The conversation, focusing on “Building Businesses and Scholarship,” on His Volta & Accra High School Tour organized by the SamBoad Foundation was a talk about in other senior High schools To the delight

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Samuel Kwame Boadu

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