Samuel Kwame Boadu Gets ‘Verified’ on Twitter

Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited has recently been verified on Twitter. With a verified facebook page of over 35,000 followers, an Instagram page of over 11,300 followers and a significant Linkedin presence with 5k followers, it is no surprise that Samuel Kwame Boadu’s official Twitter

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Samuel Kwame Boadu: How I Got Verified on Facebook in 2022

Do you currently have a Facebook Page? Are you trying to grow your small business, company, or personal brand? If the answer is yes, you should consider verifying your Facebook Page (or, if you’re an influencer, celebrity, or thought leader, your account) for several reasons. For starters, being verified on a

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Celebrate Each Progress You make, Here is why

CELEBRATE EACH PROGRESS : There is this beautiful lady that I admire so much on Instagram. She is elegant and carries herself with such grace that is rare. She is so confident in her skin that I sometimes wondered what informed her confidence. However, to me, she was “a little

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Asilgya Nimatu, The Nurse & Founder of SHE4G Foundation

Ms. Asilgya Nimatu is the Executive Director of SHE4G Foundation, located in Accra, Ghana. Her passion is to reach out to the young girls in Ghana and beyond to cultivate skills, mentor and provide health education. She echoes the importance of the young girl’s personal hygiene, education and self confidence

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Meet Dr. Salamat A. Aliu, The 1st Female Neurosurgeon In West Africa

Over time, women in Africa have made impressive strides in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, fields historically dominated by men. In spite of the significant progress, there is still more room for improvement to enable more women break into these fields. A few women on the continent

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UNTUCKit : How an Idea Nobody Believed in Led to 8 Million Shirts and 88 Stores for Retail Phenomenon UNTUCKit

Co-founder Chris Riccobono shares the story of his 10-year journey to massive market success. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Recently, I had the chance to meet Chris Riccobono, the co-founder of the New York-based retail brand UNTUCKit. As a concept and brand, UNTUCKit was credited by The Wall Street Journal with

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Samuel Kwame Boadu

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