Samuel Kwame Boadu: THE GAME OF SURVIVAL

The only way not to drown when in deep waters is simply to swim🤫. And how do you swim? Well, we all know that involves continuously moving your hands, legs and body in a particular pattern. Any attempt to stay numb and do nothing is just like a time bomb because you are definitely going to drown after a while🙃.
Get the picture?🤔
Do you find yourself drowning in sorrow or drowning in depression? Have you been in the waiting room for breakthroughs for too long a while?? Are you already tired of getting disappointed time after time of having raised your hopes so high for that business idea  ?? Well, I know that feeling, I have had a great share of disappointments and have had to deal with ensuring I remain sane over and over. It’s not easy remaining in the same spot when you ought to have moved forward, finding that job may become a greater challenge than you ever imagined thereby keeping you at a “Stuck position😪“.
Here’s something you should know, you will continue to drown till you are gone and forgotten unless you decide to do something else. Do something, start by moving in a different direction, remove your focus from the overwhelming deep waters and pay more attention to doing something else.
Survival is a must, survival is a trick! Only the determined survives.Do something else today.
Decide to survive!

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Samuel Kwame Boadu

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