The Power Of New

written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
Have you noticed that you have more engagement with your posts when you attach a new picture with them? (Power) . Have you also noticed that more people tend to connect and celebrate you when you get a new certification, degree, contract or skill? That’s because humans are fascinated with new things.
We all like to have new clothes, shoes, bags, wristwatches, and even new friends.
Because there is power in NEW.
The same way we crave to see new things in others, we should also expect to see something new in us.
Have you ever seen someone that you know after a long time and wondered why he or she is still at that level?It’s because we expect growth from people, that’s the same way we should demand it from ourselves.
If people are following you, they expect to see new things. Not necessarily materialistic even though that’s cool, but in terms of skills, attitude, knowledge, and experiences. Don’t stay the same.
Add new things to your life. If you are a leader and people are following you, this is for you. If they are seeing the same thing in you over and over, they might seek extra motivation elsewhere.
Make a list of the skills you have now as a leader because we all are. What more can you add to yourself to be more effective in your work? Don’t say it’s expensive because being expensive is relative. It’s dependent on how serious you want to make that move.
Your world is waiting for the NEW you. Don’t disappoint them by staying the same.
Have a productive weekend and Holidays ahead
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