You Don’t Have To Prove To People Who You Are

written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
Don’t spend time trying to convince ( prove ) them to like/ Love you. Now stay with me on this :Understand that there are people who are in alignment and moving towards your own direction. These people are not threatened by your progress because, like you, they are also on their journey to a great future. They will be happy to connect with every level of your progress. They are always happy to share relevant opportunities that will foster your growth.
On the other hand, there are other people who will never find anything good about you and that’s ok. They are only wired to see what they want to see and you can’t change that. And usually, they fault everything you do and will never see the light emitting in your space.
If you have ever encountered any of these experiences, it is proof that you are doing something right.
You can’t change other people’s opinion of you but there are a few things you can change;
You can change how big you want to amplify your dreams.
You can control how bright you want to shine your light 🔆
You can change how fast you want to accelerate your progress in your personal and professional life.
You can control or change who you give access to your time, energy, and resources. Know that these are limited !
You can focus so much on your strength that your weakness becomes irrelevant. Simply put, you can shine so bright that darkness is non-existent around you.
Finally, if you are doing something right, you will definitely have predators. You have to be ready to crush them with your results. Talk to you Soon and Enjoy the Weekend