3 (Three) Lessons about God and You

Written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
Lesson #1 : Life will never be without the balance of good and bad (lessons). Joy and pain. Light and darkness. Love and Hate. Positive and Negative. They are all a necessary part of us. They are all energies we have to deal with. What you choose to dwell on is entirely up to you. When you learn to see and use the negative things as lessons you become a better person. When you decide to dwell on the pain you become bitter.
The Lesson will make you better. The pain will make you bitter. You choose !
Lesson #2 : On days when life takes a sharp turn and you encounter situations which suggest that your faith is nonsense, take a firm grip of what holds your being. These are days when all that you see and hear and feel about God is challenged and contradicted. Sickness and suffering and adverse circumstances are trials of faith that will call into question your belief in and about Him. Be unwavering. Know this: It is when everything seems painful and your faith uncomfortably strained that God’s presence in your life is strongest. Talk to Him and tell Him your pain. His peace, which surpasses all understanding, will provide you with strong heart to let you know He is God. Trust He is with you and for you no matter what.
Lesson #3 : We cannot make God a “formula!” He is more than seven steps. He is too multi-faceted for our routine! Devotion is the highest expression of dedication to God! I wouldn’t trade anything for all the experiences in my life; everything happens as it is supposed to! There is no problem that cannot be solved in the presence of God! Slow down! The enemy will get you so busy that you miss what God has for you! Be still ! This is not your set back; it’s your set up! What the enemy meant for bad, God will turn for the good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!
Some stay too long, some leave too early in your life! It doesn’t change your destiny- it changes theirs!
Stop stressing! God has worked it out. Stand back & see His salvation! Having read these 3 (three) Lessons, i want you to know that when you begin to understand the ways of God then he ceases to be GOD !
All you have to say each morning when you wake up to pray is, “ Awaken oo my soul ! The time has come to take charge of what belonged to me. New era, New me, New systems, restarting my journey of Greatness !
Just Focus ! Enjoy the Day
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