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BE TRUE TO THINE SELF : During one of the mindset session with my client at Priority Insurance Company Premises. I gathered she wants to be so many things to make earns meet. She badly wanted to be successful trying different business to earn money and yet none have picked . I deeply resonates with that I mean I’ve been there. I could see the fire and passion in her eyes she truly wants to gain her confidence and groove back she wants to prove to herself and all around her that she can do this.
While we delved deeper into discussion I also noticed from her answers that she is a thought leader/teacher with an inborn persuasive skills and she doesn’t even know it yet. Most thought leader are creative beings hence them having so many natural talents. They are mostly multi potential beings.
Now at that point having thought deeper through our session she realised she needs to go deeper into PERSONAL MASTERY and PURPOSE DISCOVERY.
PERSONAL MASTERY is the process of living and working purposefully towards a vision, in alignment with one’s values and in a state of constant learning about oneself and the reality in which one exists.
“The Practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions towards your objectives”
Whether it’s your CEO, a colleague or a friend, chances are there is one person you know who always wins at life. And they achieve this by understanding their thoughts, actions purpose in life. This skill is known as personal mastery and… it can be . Many top leaders across the world are aware that in order to lead a country, a company or even a team effectively, they need to learn how to lead themselves first.
understanding oneself and having clarity in the thought process.
The first and foremost aspect that personal mastery helps you to improve is your vision. Personal Mastery enlightens you to find your true self and set goals accordingly. Analyze within and ask yourself some serious questions. Ask yourself what you really want to achieve. What is your prime goal?
What are your priorities?
How do you maintain a healthy equation between your goals and priorities? Are your goals your priorities, or is it something else? Don’t worry if you don’t have a long-term goal. It is completely okay if you live in the present and just plan about the coming weekend. Having short-term goals is also fine. But having a clear vision for the goals is essential. Knowing the value that it holds for you is essential. And the most essential part is the efforts you make to accomplish them.
Understanding yourself
We have always heard that being informed and having an educated opinion is necessary. But no one tells the importance of being informed about our own self. You must understand your body, mind and yourself as a person. Your likes and dislikes, your trigger points, your forte, the activities and the people who make you happy, the kind of person you are, your negative and positive traits; everything is a part of self analyzation and knowing what you are. During our life, we make hundreds of connections personal and professional connections. However, we forget to make a strong connection with ourselves. Personal Mastery is all about understanding and connecting with the person within us. When you understand and know yourself, you get an idea of your weak points, the negative traits. When you connect with yourself, you make efforts to improve yourself as a person.
Also, to make a strong rapport with people around you, you must connect with yourself first. Even to make a connection with the people at the top of your priority list, you must be aware of yourself. Personal Mastery helps you get the power of connecting to others, resolve issues, be aware of yourself and also, not trying to be interesting.
The journey towards success requires personal growth, personal mastery and self-development. However, it is filled with failures. The one who never fails never succeeds. It is undoubtedly, a sign of constant growth unless you are not learning lessons from it. Failure is just a part of self-development and it is inevitable. Instead of getting frustrated, start learning from your mistakes. Acceptance becomes easy when you are on the path of self-development. You see different aspects of the situation. You overlook the negative ones and find positivity.
You gain an understanding of your core values and who you are when you dig deeper within yourself.
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