Just before you begin spending your money on branding your business, please understand that branding isn’t all about the fanciful designs and the rest. In fact, the fanciful looks doesn’t even guaranty sales. i have seen businesses with fanciful logos and lovely aesthetic fold up. So before you start branding, you must understand that branding isn’t the outward appearance of your business, its about you, because your business is a reflection of you
So my question to you is
👉🏾 How do you perceive yourself?
👉🏾How do you see yourself?
Because no matter how beautiful your business outlook is, your perception about yourself whether rich or poor would always spill over on your business outlook. So instead of spending chunk of money on the outlook of your business, go and learn how to build and develop your self-image and confidence🤨 because your Business is an extension of you and your perception of who you are would always be the fragrance that would always welcome your clients.
I’m i against beautification of business outlooks? Hell No!. I’m simply saying that that should come after you must have built your self image and confidence Or don’t you know that the perception that you have about yourself would determine the kind of value that you put out?
So, i would end with this question, How is your self-perception like? is it poor or rich?